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The Belgian press from The Great War

One of the largest databanks of press material from 1914-1918, now online 

Interested in authentic source material from the First World War? Curious about daily life under the German occupier? Searching for traces of your grandfather at the front? Then, at News from The Great War, you are in the right place. Here, you will find a unique digital collection of press material that was published in our region during the war years. Browse wherever and whenever you wish through the diverse range of trench papers, underground press, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and leaflets, good for some 360,000 pages of history of incalculable worth. 
Due to the commemoration of 100 Years of the Great War, there has been a great deal of interest in the printed press from The First World War. But after a hundred years, many of the paper items are now showing the inevitable signs of the ravages of time, in spite of efforts to preserve them as well as possible.
With the fragile state of the paper in mind, the Flemish Institute for Archiving (VIAA) was asked in 2013 by the Flanders Heritage Library, FARO and PACKED to digitalize these war publications and to make them available for everyone. To achieve this, these four organisations joined forces with thirteen Flemish heritage institutions. It is the newspapers from their collections that you will find here: more than 270,000 newspaper pages, spread over as many as 52,236 editions, encompassing 904 different titles.
Furthermore, during the course of 2016, the databank will be supplemented by the newspaper pages that CegeSoma had previously digitalized in collaboration with twelve federal, Flemish and French-language heritage institutions for the project Belgian War Press. The partners in both projects did not hesitate for a second to exchange and enrich their collections. 
The result? The paper items will remain permanently preserved for the future; you can browse the digital versions here.
VFFY24/31: Group picture in the trenches, Yser Front, 1914-1918 - ADVN, Antwerp / IJzerbedevaartarchief
VFFY24/31: Group picture in the trenches, Yser Front, 1914-1918 - ADVN, Antwerp / IJzerbedevaartarchief